28 January 2006


The day has finally come...and I didn't make that big of a fool out of myself! Wow. It was hard, but I had a really good time. All I could think about was how much fun it would be to be in the recital in April. There were a few dances that I wouldn't want to do. One was a tribal dance and one was just too tough. It was for "advanced" dancers with two or more years of experience; definitely not me. If you have ever seen "Center Stage" you would recognize the dance. The music is really good for it but I would make a fool out of myself. There were way too many turns and I am way too dyslexic. Every other move was a turn and I was getting so dizzy I felt like I had been in a spinning teacup at the fair for hours.

There were about 15 dances all together that we had to learn as a group. Then they split us up into groups of about 10 (we had to wear number) to perform. It was kind of scary because since your group is only made up of about 10 people, and you are dancing in front of a wall sized mirror, there was a constant reminder that the other 60 people were watching your every move.

It was definitley an experience. There were several dances that I really liked; hopefully I will get into them for the show. The results of the audition will be posted on Wednesday. I still love to dance...but I don't think my knees agree with me. I used to think my knees looked bad after I would return home from fire training. That was nothing. Both of my knees are swollen and bruised and have pieces of skin that were rubbed off from doing floor moves. Right below my knee and part of my shin is also torn up-it is sticking out about an inch or so from my leg. It looks terrible. I also feel like I broke my butt.

I got to work around 1400. Not feeling too bad...yet. I will be paying for this tomorrow. We did one call- a return to a nursing home. Hopefully we are in for a quiet night.


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