29 January 2006

Skin Tear

I thought I was going to get off easy last night. So close...yet so far. We got a call around maybe 0200 for a "laceration." At the bottom of the page it said "skin tear." If that wasn't bad enough, it was paged out as ALS. Right... We got there and the guy was completely fine. A minor skin tear that many elderly patients get all the time from being moved in bed, etc. The thing that the nurses must not realize in the nursing home is that the hospital can't do much more than they can. The nurse had already dressed our patient's arm. We were taking him out of the alzheimers ward. All he had to complain about was that it was wet outside and, "where the hell are you taking me?"

Of course, the RN told us to go to a different hospital than the closest. So, I drove the 14.5 miles to this hospital. It was raining and since that was melting the snow, there was a ridiculous amount of fog. Anyways, the guy was still asking where the hell he was going when we got there. We moved him over to the ER bed and the nurse asked if we could take him back. So, we waited. We had also noticed that he had a nasty eye infection when we picked him up, so the ER nurse gave him a tetanus shot, put a tegaderm on his arm, and gave him a prescription for antibiotics for his eyes. And we were enroute back to the nursing home. We got him back in bed and made it back to quarters around 0515.

We were asked to report to our station for crew change at 0745. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get bagels and donuts for the station meeting at 0900. I woke up extremely sore and stiff from yesterday. I can't believe it that I actually made it out of bed. My left leg is the worst; my knees are still really swollen, but I think I pulled every muscle that attaches my ass to my leg. I walk like a gimp...and I have dance again tomorrow. Yeah!

I cleaned and did laundry for a good portion of the morning. I have also been studying for most of the day. I did my assignments for both of my dance classes. Then I turned my attention to psychology. I have been freaking out for the past hm...yeah, like 7 hours that I have an exam on Wednesday. I just looked in my notebook to be sure, and realized that it is actually next Wednesday. Whew. Now I can finally take a breather now that it is 2300. Too bad I realized this so late because I really need to start working on my online classes. Oh well.


Blogger medic! said...

Its great that your putting pics back on your site. I thought it was just your back that was messed up. Im sorry to be laughing at your expense right now, but Im imagining you in half fire uniform and a tutu doing plies!

Blogger Ambulance Girl said...

Yeah, so is everyone else. I just look like a very confused person. I walk into college wearing my fire or ambulance uniform, go into the bathroom and come out in a leotard, tights, and leg warmers. Yep. I look mighty stupid. And to make it even more confusing for my classmates I have a big tattoo of a maltese cross and one of an american flag with "lest we forget...9-11-01" on my back. Nobody knows what to think of me. I have gotten more shit at the fire house for this than anything...I will write more about this in my next entry.


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