04 February 2006


I got home around 0900, took a shower and headed back out to Volo. I ended up getting an old set of pyrex bowls, a few children's books and a cedar chest. Good times.

I fell asleep around 1530 or so. I figured I didn't have to be to work until 2000, so I could get in a bit of a nap. I woke up at 1730 to the sound of my officers voice on the phone. I was supposed to be there at 1700. Yikes! I got dressed and ran for my car. I checked my voicemail on my way to the station-three messages all from the department wondering where the hell I was. The worst part was that I had the phone on vibrate in my hand and I didn't feel it go off until 1730. That's reassuring. I also spoke to my partner at the ambulance company that told me I had been bitching about having a short day off because I had to be at the firehouse at 1700-I don't even remember that. I also never heard the reminder go off on my palm pilot. This is really getting out of hand. I think I have early onset dementia or something-I have been really, really forgetful recently. Usually I either forget where I put something or mess up my schedule somehow-every once in a while. This past week or so I have been botching up all over the place. I have been losing just about everything possible, like my keys, wallet, etc. I have forgotten to feed the cat several times (but he's fat, he can handle it), and forgotten several appointments, not to mention tonight. Ugh. I think I need my head examined.

I'm finally at the firehouse and ready to go. I think I am going to bed right at 2000 when "night shift" officially starts. I should take what I can get. The only bad thing is that the bunk room is freezing cold tonight. We checked the boiler and it is fine, but both of the bunkrooms are like 40 degrees. Our deputy chief is bringing in space heaters...hopefully we don't burn down the fire station.

I work again tomorrow. I made the mistake of picking up an overtime shift. It is only for eight hours, but I am working with an EMT-B. That means we will probably get all ALS calls and I will be run ragged. Damn it.


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