01 February 2006

Pain in the butt

I got off this morning at 0800. Work was busy as usual. I headed straight to school. My jazz class went pretty well. We learned a piece from the 1920s. If you know what a flapper is-that is the kind of dancing we were doing. It was pretty fun. Psychology was okay. My instructor is still driving me nuts with her stupid "right there" "right here" bullshit. I don't think she can say a phrase without ending it with that. Talk about annoying. Some of my classmates are still getting on my nerves with their wannabe medical knowledge. Ugh. One lady kept talking about diabetes and how it causes psychological problems and symptoms. I have never heard of that-but she was convinced. Oh well.

I slept for 45 minutes on a bench in the performing arts building-then I was off to ballet class. We only did bar exercises and stretching-also at the bar. That sucked. Every bone in my body was cracking and I feel like I broke my butt all over again. My instructor had us doing all kinds of crazy moves. What does she think I am-a contortionist??? Ouch. The results will be posted tonight for the tryouts. We shall see. I think I did alright, but my availability was sort of limited because of fire training on the weekends. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I ran a few errands and headed home to shower and get ready to go to the fire house. I got there for my shift at 1700. We got stuff ready for the evening-tonight is the association meeting/social night. The officers had their meeting first, which lasted nearly an hour. Usually anything over 30 minutes means we are in for a lecture about something. We talked a lot about fundraisers for the year, training and the treasury report. I checked out the ambulance and got my bed ready. I actually got the okay tonight from my officer to jump on any engine calls. Yeah! I hope we get one...that could get fun.

Anyways, I am going to try to sleep. Maybe that way I will be (gladly) rudely awakened for a call. Wish me luck.


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