30 January 2006

Tutus and tights

Another long day. I was up at 0745 to get ready for school. My dance classes were pretty good. They seemed to last forever because my ass and leg are still killing me from Saturday. My psychology class was okay too. We talked about childhood disorders-easy enough.

I got out of class at 1415 and headed towards the fire department. I had to drop some paperwork off. If only I had been a couple minutes slower (or faster, depending on how you look at it) I would have caught a call. I was about a mile away from the station when the tones dropped for a 10-50 PI. I did a u-turn and headed towards the intersection. I got caught in traffic, and by the time I got close to the scene I heard a neighboring town go on scene, "...on scene, 2 cars minor damage...we'll use our ambulance for transport, continue in with the engine." I turned around and headed back to the station to act as standby. The engine was returned about 2 minutes later-they never made it to the scene. Our ambulance actually did transport one, so I staying at the station until they returned from the hospital.

This is the funny part. As I said above, I was coming back from school. My last class is ballet. So, of course, I was still in my dance clothes: tights, leotard, jazz pants, leg warmers...and clogs. Yeah. Of course I couldn't wear a normal pair of leg warmers; I had to pick the ones that have bright pink and black stripes. I looked like I belonged in the Wizard of Oz. I walked into the station just after the engine returned. I got some pretty funny looks to say the least. All the guys would stare and then ask me to show them a dance. Yeah, great. This is going to be one LONG semester. And people thought they were confused before...today I almost fulfilled some people's wishes-wearing dance clothes and bunker gear, all at once. Maybe on Wednesday :).


Blogger Stacey said...

hahahaha I would pay to see that. haha.

Blogger medic! said...

There has to be pictures of that for the blog! Dont make me start a petition!!!


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